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Bundle ECODESIGNER Star with all versions of Archicad

Aaron Bourgoin
Make this part of the package. Please. Regardless of location. It's a vital part of the move to better integrated design.
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I think GS need to grab hold of it or a similar technology and make it as user friendly as possible. I have looked at EcoDesigner a few times but it has a very steep learning curve, which you probably need to use on a regular basis to remember the workflow.

There is going to be a boom in zero carbon housing (& other buildings) GS need to be leading the field delivering the tools for PassivHouse type assessment now.
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And as if someone was listening... taken from a Graphisoft sponsored news site...

Apple iMac macOS Big Sur / AC24UKI (most recent builds)

As I know - the main problem with Ecodesigner - it works correct only if zones touches walls exactly. I remember I had long explanation from engineer, who said this is not working, when zones are placed manually.
I think first at all it's necessary to fix zone tool, update Ecodesigner and then make it part of ArchiCAD by default.

In addition would be essential, to make EcoDesigner Star available in all market and compatible with national standard( infact in Italy couldn't be purchased), and update the calculation engine with the latest update of VIP Energy, or if needed change completely(one example could be Energy Plus from USA department of energy, https://energyplus.net/, that should be also open source)
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