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Cancel All Pending Requests when Releasing All Elements

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I think there should be a simple or automated option to cancel all pending requests when going offline in a Teamwork project.

When working on Teamwork projects, it sometimes happens that people send a request to someone else on their team, but don't get the request granted right away.

Then, the first person, who still didn't receive the request, goes offline after releasing all his/hers elements. After that, the second person, just noticed the request and grants it right away.

But now the problem is, that the first person is already offline and that later on, the second person might need again the element that he/she just granted.

So the situation is, that the second person needs an element that is reserved by the first person, which is already offline and has the element reserved even after he/she released all before closing the project.

I think an option to "Release all and cancel all pending requests" should be default when releasing all in the Teamwork and the current function of just "Releasing all (without canceling requests)" should be a sub-option if needed.

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