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Cigraph Archiquantplus


I recently found out that Cigraph is probably closing down,which is really sad after all this years of creative contribution and support.  I hope this is not true, but I am trying to contact them and I am getting no response.

Also the addons are not updated to the latest version of Archicad 26. Cigraph is still selling and support the previous addons but seems that they will not upgrade any of it. Honeslty I hope I am wrong or it is just temporary.


I was lucky enough to buy a license for the updated version of Archiquant Plus 25 and realized that this addon was the most valuable investment for  Archicad as it upgraded the scheduling capabilitied and added realtime cost management with a fantastic UI. Cigraph did the most advanced addon for scheduling and cost calqulation!!!!!!


If indeed Cigraph is closing, Graphisoft should discuss with Cigraph and continue and evolve this addon to be added in the core Archicad like Ecodesigner and MEP modeler.

Archicad will be upgraded to a reall 5D modelling platform


From my point of view ,I would consider this addon the first priority of Graphisoft. If Archicad 27 was released even with just that addition without anything else, It would be a significant upgrade to the BIM methodology as it will add the cost parameter directly in the design process in real time.



Archicad 25-26. Windows 11. Intel Xeon 2680x2,64 GB RAM, Nvidia 3080Ti-Titan X Pascal. 2 Monitors.


I hope that they haven't closed. If they are doing so, or have done so, I hope Graphisoft considered taking over some of their products. My favourite is Architerra but others might want Archiquant. Although the latest Archicad now contains a similar quantity calculating module.

Cornelis (Kees) Wegman

cornelis wegman architects
AC 5 - 26 Dell XPS 8940 Win 10 16GB 1TB SSD 2TB HD RTX 3070 GPU
Laptop: AC 24 - 26 Win 10 16GB 1TB SSD RTX 3070 GPU

Hi Cornelis.

Great to see others support Cigraph.

Can you be more specific for the quantity calculating module in the latest Archicad????

Never heard of it. I 've been using Archiquant plus for a year and the cost management was direct and real time!!!

Is there anything new with Archicad 26 in matters of cost caclculation and quantity extraction?????


Warm greetings! 

Archicad 25-26. Windows 11. Intel Xeon 2680x2,64 GB RAM, Nvidia 3080Ti-Titan X Pascal. 2 Monitors.


Archiquant Plus is a great add-on and, as you say, is the best (and only) quantities/takeoff solution for AC. Unfortunately GS will never admit this because they think custom properties and schedules are amazing.  They can't seem to wrap their heads around the power of an add-on like AQ+. Being able to attach multiple building components to a single element with custom calculations is just so powerful. The only thing wrong with the add-on is that its based on AC's old property object structure which has been long forgotten by GS. If they were to incorporate it into Archicad it would need a back end rebuild while still providing the same front end solutions & UI. 


I can see more and more of these add-on builders closing down due to AC's lack of forward thinking and shrinking of their user base. It is sad because GS should be supporting these add-ons that extend AC because they can't seem to do it themselves!


For our studio Archiquant plus is an essential component for the complete elaboration of the 5D project, we have two licenses in the latest Archicad 25 version.

Excellent integration with the price lists of the various formats.

I hope it all works out,

Good recovery for Istvan Toth.

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