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CineRender Surface preview keeps previous

Hi, I find the little preview sphere in the corner of the surface settings window quite helpful, but the way it updates is really frustrating - the screen going black whenever you make a change. It makes it impossible to understand the effect of the change you've just made.

Instead of going black for a second or so, could it simply keep the old version of the surface visible while it calculates the update? Then we'd be able to see the effect of our changes much more clearly. It could even be a manual update button - that way you can make several related changes and then compare the effect.

An extension of this, which if you are going to do, you probably should do too, is being able to switch your settings between before and after. Currently there is no way to undo a change you have made as I am assuming there is no change history. So if after playing around with the surface for a bit, you can revert it if it is not satisfactory. A way to increase the size of the texture sphere would be nice too, and if you're going to cut it in half, would be even more important as I currently find it too small sometimes.

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