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Classification Parent Child Relationships

It would be huge if in property expressions when working with classifications, we could drill down to the classification parent relationships... We have the ability to NEST Classifications. It would be nice to get our hands on the parent data for a classification item.
If we could do this then we could organize a schedule with classification category headers for all of the classified elements. This would greatly improve the legibility of the schedules. If the data is there, we should be able to use it. I suspect the data is not really there.
..... any thoughts anyone?
Gary Ford
Self Employed - Modeling, Estimating, Construction
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I share your point of view Gdford. The property expressions should also be improved by allowing the recovery of the schedule totals. The trickiest thing should be not to encumber these functions to the point of making them a gas plant.
Christophe - FRANCE
Archicad Designer and Teacher
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