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Columns, walls etc 2D projection!

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Recently, in a project I ended up having a problem because the constractor had drawn complex colums and used SEO to make them smaller.

I believe that it is a problem not to be able to see a real projection of columns or walls etc. as the morphs are.

Walls have the same problem when someone uses SEO. Even if you subtrack a morph from a wall, the wall still appears as a whole wall i 2D plan drawings.

Concerning BIM, when a project gets more complicated, it's rather primitive not to be able to project walls and columns in 2D plan drawings.

please please boolean projection in 2d floor for all tools and edit curtain wall in 2d

CW editing in 2D would be great and much faster (I suppose)

I add that I wish on a CW creation from a 2D drawings like trussmaker does.
3 or more types of line to identify the perimeter, transom and mullion and fills to identify type of panels ...
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I believe that the projection of Solid Element Operation in 2D is more than important when the complexity of a project becomes greater and greater!

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