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Complex Profiles for linear arrays

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I think Graphisoft could enhance the complex profile manager to create arrays of vertical profiles in horizontal distributions. I had this ideea while looking at the Profile Builder add-on for Sketchup.

The custom complex profile manager would have the option to multiply the vertical profiles based on patterns and spacings.

This would become a real complex system that would allow us to create custom railings, roofs, studs, vertical folded sheets, wall framings, etc.
Everything drawn in section and easy to update.
Coding should not be so hard. The column complex profiles just needs parametric multiplication rules.

Not used it, but it does look like a clever piece of programming. Sometimes wish that AC had library parts with that level of sophistication.
Apple iMac macOS Monterey / AC25UKI (most recent builds)

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I think the new Railing tool does much of what i was thinking of

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