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Complex profiler in the shell tool

It would be nice to introduce the complex profilers in the shell tool
-This would make it possible to exploit the data of the complex profile on varied construction plans
-This will improve the possibilities of architectural design
-Is my most expensive wish is to be able to convert a wall into shell

one line that manages the height of the profile and the other to trace the road to go

Hey! I also think this is a very important one but I'd explain it in a slightly different way.

I think we need a new "structural profile tool" something that can avoid the geometric limitations of beam/column and that can access saved complex profiles. Just a 3d polyline (if could be nurbs would be amazing) that is the rail for a swept profile.

In the new architecture sometimes columns become beams and vice-versa. This problem is specially relevant when working with the Grasshopper Connection.
Jorge Benéitez

M.arch | Registered Architect | ARB
BIM Implementation | Graphisoft Registered Consultant.

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