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Composite - ability to have a "finish/other" skin sandwiched between two "core" skins.

Johan Stinckens

Walls that border private units in an appartment building are generally constructed of two load bearing walls  (concrete or other) with a thin layer of acoustic insulation between them. Sadly a composite doesn't allow to have a core skin either side of a finish/other skin. Whenever I want to show just the core of load-bearing elements, this insulation skin is visible as well. Which apparently shouldn't be.


There is a workaround using complex profiles (see previous post - Composite walls )

However, this can generate other issues, so it's a no go!

This just needs to be resolved in the composite! Period!!!


The more I use Archicad, the less I am convinced of the work behind it. 😪



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Barry Kelly

I can see what you are asking for here, which is why i liked your post.

A single composite wall with 'other' skins in the center.


As i am sure you are aware, this will only be suitable if it is a truly common wall - units on both sides are exactly the same size.

Otherwise you would have separate load bearing walls and you problem is solved.

Having separate walls would have the advantage of allowing easier use of modules if you want,

apportioning quantities to each unit and ability to isolate each plan from the others should you wish to.


I like the tip of using a complex profile wall as well.

I am not sure what the other issues with this would be.

What is the difference between a composite or complex profile wall?



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Hi Barry,


I would use this for any compound wall which has a load bearing skin either side, regardless if these are the same material/thickness. Not sure what you mean by "units on both sides are the same"?


Most of our buildings have only minor repetitions, so modules aren't used frequently. Apportioning quantities to seperate units is also something that isn't a priority for us.


What we do want? Being able to efficiently model our buildings, using as less elements as necesarry.


Attached a plan layout on which you can see such a "composite" wall which either seperates two appartment units or an appartment unit from the staircase.






ArchiCAD user since April 2014 (v17 - v24) - Dell Precision T5820 - 32 GB / Nvidia Quadro P2000 - Windows 10 Pro 64

Other than that it's hiking, camping, climbing.

The only issue I'm aware of used to be being unable to schedule 'skin thickness' in schedules for a complex profile (I guess since it could be any shape, not just a rectangle). Since the replies I wrote back in 2018 in the other mentioned topic, this is no longer an issue. At least not in AC23 project I'm currently working in.


Still, it would be a lot easier to just use a composite.

Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

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Hi Erwin,


Wasn't sure what the issues were! But yes indeed, even if there aren't any issue anymore, it should just work from the onset, that is for the composite as well as for the complex profile.

ArchiCAD user since April 2014 (v17 - v24) - Dell Precision T5820 - 32 GB / Nvidia Quadro P2000 - Windows 10 Pro 64

Other than that it's hiking, camping, climbing.


I personally think this should be the next step forward in the composite walls tool. The "core" problem doesn't just occur in separating walls between properties, it can also occur with internal timber / steel partitions seeking high levels of acoustic separation which can include multiple different materials between the framing structure. In an ideal world it would be great if GS could lift the core constraint on wall build up to allow truly complex layering that can adapt to evolving technologies and display correctly with the Partial Structure Display options.

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Nguyen Minh
Graphisoft Moderator
Graphisoft Moderator

Dear Johan,


Thank you very much for sharing this idea!

I am happy to say we took notice of this wish and I have added it to our Wish List database (please refer to it as Wish IDEA-4295). Hopefully, our Product Management team will adopt this one in the future.


Have a great day!

Best regards,

Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer

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