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Composite adjustable thickness

Vasileios S_

Hello everybody,


Can we have adjustable thickness to a composite?


For example, I want to have a composite of "concrete-insulation-stone", instead of:




150concrete-50insulation-100stone etc...


I believe this is crucial.




You cannot build a line.

You can accomplish this with custom profiles.

Vasileios S_

Custom profiles are a different thing. For example, when creating a slab, you cannot have a custom profile, since it would only work in a rectangular slab of specific dimensions.


I've seen this wish a couple of years ago, but I cannot find it again, thus I created this topic.

You cannot build a line.

That makes sense, I dont use composite slabs, just assumed you meant walls. Sorry


I'm sitting on the fence with this. Yes it could be achieved by allowing stretch planes for each skin or even localised override/editing of skin widths, BUT, I also like to know when I use a particular composite for a wall type or a slab etc that the skins are effectively hard coded so I don't find I have shown 105mm of concrete when it should be 100mm, due to copying attributes or accidental stretching. It is also a lot easier to update drawings when you change a composite as all the elements that use it should change to the latest values. How do you decide when a composite is changed whether an edited skin is updated or retains it's changed width?

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Steve Jepson

Is what you want to do adding Profile Modifiers so you can adjust the widths of the skins for a wall in 3d or section ?   

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Mahmoud Qenawi

I guess you can achieve what you mean by Complex Profile Beam and divide it into segments, watch this:

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My answer to the points you mention are these:


1. Accidental stretching

It's the same as the profiles. If you accidentally stretch a modifier in a column profile (not width or height), how do you know it?

2. Copying attributes

When applying a composite "A" to a wall that doesn't already use it, it should get its default thicknesses. When applying the composite "A" to many walls and one of these walls already uses it and has set different thicknesses, you should get a warning "Apply changes to custom thicknesses too". Just like when you have a slab with a custom edge material and change the edge surface. You get a red triangle with a checkbox.

3. Altering composite

When altering a composite that has materials A-B-C and change the thickness of A, you should also get this warning if some element has a different A thickness than the default.

You cannot build a line.

No. In your video, this method works for skin heights. I want to change the thicknesses of it. I know I can add more modifiers to a profile, but profiles do not work with slabs or roofs, because they are not a "lenghty" constuction element that has a specific profile.


When designing a slab, you can have a plan view that's not rectangular (as in most of the cases) and apply a composite like this "Concrete-subfloor-floor". When you use 3 different thicknesses for concrete, 2 for subfloor and 5 for floors, that's a total of 30 different composites. I think we should have all of these in one.

You cannot build a line.

This is not the case Mr. Qenawi. Read the reply I gave to Mr. Jepson.

You cannot build a line.

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