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Couple of improvement request

Chris Hough
Couple of things after using Archicad 21 for several months now:

1) Stair and Railing tool- Overall, a really great idea. But the interface is HORRIBLE. Convoluted, complex, with nested parameters inside netted parameters. It literally takes DAYS to really figure out all the ins and out of how to get this stair to show what you want, and that's just for the basic stairs- good luck for the custom stuff! Same thing with the rail tool. This thing needs a custom interface with a REAL graphical feedback of what the parameter is changing, not a re-used curtain wall interface (which, by the way, is also horrible). The icon like image instead of a realtime graphical feedback is not really helpful. I realize the stair tool was majorly revamped and this is version 1.0, and I applaud the effort, but the interface just makes me shudder. If people can't figure it out, they won't use it.

2) Multiplane roofs- The main issue I have with this tool is that is makes the assumption that you want the plate line consistent across the entire roof. HA! Like maybe 1 in 10 of our houses do that. Great of you want to do a colonial revival style, but horrible for pretty much anything else. Then on the other end of the program, you've got slanted walls and shells and all sort of other craziness if you're Zaha Hadid doing melting buildings for the Dali museum. But if you want to do traditional architecture, your kinda forced into creating each roof plane one at a time. This tool should be more intelligent by now.

If I'm off on one of these feedback items (if I'm griping about something the software actually does that I'm not aware of) feel free to correct me. Also open to counterpoints- if you thing the stair tool interface is great, I'd like to hear that as well.
Owner, Heritage Design Studio
AC 4.5-25
Maco OS Big Sur | 2.4 Ghz i9 | 32Gb | AMD RX 5700 XT

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