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Custom Attribute Indexing

Hi all,

This is a wish regarding the management of the Index Number assigned to materials, complex profiles and such. It would be good if we were able to assign and modify the Index Number of attributes so that it is easier to manage changes between different files.

eg. Materials
Index 1-300: Template Materials
Index 301-500: Project Specific
Index 501+: Other


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Not applicable
Thanks Ling for posting the wish!

AC24 has Reindex. IMO not a perfect solution to avoid "Attribute Avalanches" after multiple hotlinked files update. But at least now we have a shovel.
Perhaps AC25 will bring us a dedicated linkable multiple attribute file.

Anyway... Thanks for the people involved in this feature. It shows that despite your lack of time and resources you are still hearing us. Much appreciated!

James B
You're welcome, and thanks for sharing the video 😉
James Badcock
GRAPHISOFT Product Manager

Looks like we have got the attribute reindexer in AC 24.  Now we have a problem of limit of the number we can apply to a custom attribute index number. 32767.  This is the maximum number of elements in a GDL array.  Funnily enough it appears that the issue I am having applies to elements that are based around GDL.  


I have been trying figure out a way to sort attributes using an index number based of a classification system number like Uniclass 2015 or MasterspecNZ. For example in MasterspecNZ Concrete 3121 so a building material of concrete in-situe would have an attribute index number 312101 so if I need to add additional surfaces or building materials then they can be added within the same number range 3121. Currently there is a limit in the number that can be used which is 32767. I need to do this because I need to make sure across a range of files that the attributes of fills, surfaces and building materials are always consistent. I need to know that the expressions for take off that I am writing will always point to the correct attribute. Failure to do so will mean inaccurate costings.

Kind Regards,

Sebastian Monroe


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