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Dimensioning like Revit

I witnessed Revit's dimensioning tool in action. When the dimension text was too long for the space and you wanted to move the text away from the line, an AUTOMATIC curved line attaches the text to the dimension line when it belongs. Right now when I move the dimension text away I have to create an curved arrow indicating which space the text dimension belongs to.
Very time consuming!!!
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This would be a great addition to archicad. You can always learn by looking at the competition.

Millard wrote:
You can always learn by looking at the competition.
Perhaps, but you also improve by iteration (just like the design of buildings).

AC's dimension tool has been an abomination almost since it's inception. AND THEY NEVER IMPROVE IT.

How awful is it? Let me count the ways:
* Having to choose the string orientation AHEAD of time
* No "rubber band" feedback
* No choice for what you are dimensioning to when clicking on overlapping elements,
* Sucky auto-dimensions
* Odd behavior with composite elements.

It's almost like the dimension tool is trying to out-bad the label tool.

Please GS, just start again.
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Laura Yanoviak
I still find the Dimension Tool in AC superior to dimensioning in ACAD; however, ACAD does have the aforementioned "leader" option.
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I personally have never liked it and have lost a lot of time to find out how to switch it off in Autocad. If implemented in AC it too should have the option to switch off, because for me it was very annoying.

I don't have a problem with the dimension tool really, it just takes some learning and some getting used to.

You can set it to the Skew geometry method to set the angle, you can tab between overlapping elements you want to dimension it to, you can hover over a dimension node to see what the dimension is associated with. You can copy strings and remove nodes, you can ctrl click strings to join them together, the list goes on.

It's really quite powerful. Sure it could do with some improvement, but I don't think it's as bad as people make out.


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