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Door/Window Framing

Concept: Door/Window Parameters for framing members?

While AC17 may have some new ways of doing things, up to AC16 the complex wall profiles have allowed me to have basic horizontal wall plates automatically generated in all sections which helps to keep things update-to-date. I get better results from making each plate from 4 unique lumber fills vs a single fill with an X void.

That said, it might be nice if doors/windows had parameter options to include framing for headers and sills. Often I need door sub-sills these days so they'd pretty much be the same options for doors or windows. This way the framing will resize with the door/window width and stay associated with the openings then generate framing members automatically in section views or for structural plans.

Likely parameters might include:
-turn on/off framing option
-framing knows where the "core" wall is and be able to fit the core width or be overridden with a specified width and location inside the wall
-custom and standard size framing members to choose from
-options for wood & steel framing generated correctly, for example simple box with or without "X", "\"
-extend header or sill framing horizontally beyond the width of the door/window by a user defined amount
-control vertical placements above or below door/window
-MVO to control view of header line for structural drawings (but never the sill framing I suppose)

The main concept is that the framing stays connected with the door/window and can generate information in sections and structural plans. Perhaps it is some type of beam tool connection within the door/window?

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Have you had a look at the free 'Wall Framing' wall accessory? If you don't have it already you can get it by clicking the link on the Help menu in ArchiCAD labelled 'ArchiCAD 16 Downloads'. The 'Accessories' goodie is the one you need.

Also Cadimage do a more fully featured version for a price here -

They will both automatically place members around openings, and some of the others features you request.

It is worth noting that the free 'Wall Framing' goodie has a very simple to fix bug in it. The framing is incorrectly placed on the inner face of the wall and not within the 'void' where you would expect it to be. If you manually drag the frame to the correct place then resize an opening, the frame will jump back again.

To fix this, open the wall framing accessory and modify the 2d and 3d scripts to look like the attached image and add the new parameter. This 'offsetdist' parameter will allow you specify the distance from the face of the wall so it stays permanently in the correct place! Save a copy of the object and choose that version when placing the wall accessory.

Hope that helps!

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