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Door & window schedules, & cross file selection sets

Paul King
Hi some easy to implement ideas that could be HUGE for intermediate to power type users worldwide!

To greatly assist with troubleshooting door schedules, can we please have some positive indicator of orientation ("R" or "L") that door will be listed under by Calculate menu.
Currently no way to find out except the hard way - i.e. by creating a schedule

Most large repeditive projects in ArchiCAD involve multiple module files within a master file:

A massivily helpful feature would be a multi .pln file accessing "force update" utility - whereby e.g. a selected door can have all of it's parameters read & stored in external file. Then all module files loaded in master file would be automatically accessed, scanned & have any door with matching ID (i.e. door type) updated to match - file by file.

For projects not using ID based door/window types , user selected combination of other parameters would need to be chosen to generate selection set.

In effect, I would like to see a multi story, cross-file selection set that can be updated ,even if it means automatically sequentially opening & closing files to achieve it (ideally in background, while master file still open, and ideally making backups of each file to facilitate an "undo" if user makes mistake & only finds out after updating hotlinks .

Currently, updating & troubleshooting door & window schedules is an EXTREMELY slow & arduous task - especially when multiple stories & files must be reconciled each time across hundreds of doors & windows.

This functionality could be applied to other objects, - such as composite walls - so e.g. you can automatically add insulation or an extra layer of plasterboard to all files with user defined composite wall of a given name.

Similarly, could apply to global updates of automated construction notes spanning accross all files in a project & many other situations.
Obviously it would have to work such that no other parameter/attribute/orientation is changed than the one specified.

If you crack this, then I think you will have created THE "must have" accessory for intermediate to power type users world wide!

A final big suggestion for Door & window schedules - allow option to automatically generate them in a real ELEVATION , and create them inside one huge wall (using special layer) - that way the actual door & window parts themselves can be directly queried by user for troubleshooting/update within the schedule & used for "Find & select" type operations. Multi part windows could be dragged together & arranged so they match building elevations, and the schedule could stay LIVE! - without all the fiddly line segments etc you get by exploding elements & the hassle of starting from scratch every time you need to update.

Would need option to switch off trims & block cills etc not forming part of window/door joinery.

The schedule text & dimensions would be overlaid on elevation as before.

Please contact me to discuss if interested!


Paul King
ArchiCAD 8-26
Octane Render Plugin for ArchiCAD
Twinmotion 2022
Windoze 11
Intel Core i9 10900K
Nvidia Gforce RTX 3080
32 Gb DDR3
2x4K 42" monitor extended desktop

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