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Easier Parametric Object Creation

Jarrod Phillips

Hi All,


This is something I am sure has been brought up many times over the years, but I will say it again, we need a more efficient way to create parametric objects within Archicad.


I am currently working on a hospital project in Australia and I have been tasked with creating our company AusHFG library for current and future hospital projects. Whilst I love using GDL, I can’t help but think as an Archicad practice we are at a severe disadvantage when it comes to creating objects when compared to Revit based practices.


Creating parametric objects is critical to hospital work and a lot of resources are spent creating a working AusHFG library, time that could be better spent on project work. It’s evident that there has been community backlash with regard to the latest Archicad release. I think it’s fair to say that Archicad really needs to do something big for long term Archicad users like myself in order to win back trust. A more efficient way to create parametric objects is a great place to start and something that frankly needs to be addressed. Revit is looking more and more appealing.





BIM Manager | Graduate of Architecture
Fulton Trotter Architects - Sydney, Australia
Archicad 15 - 26

Unfortunately you are going to continue to be disappointed. The driving programmer behind PARAM-O has long since left GS and the current management  don't seem to realize that  PARAM-O, as it is now, was just a proof of concept. To understand what it could be just have a look at Vectorworks Marrionette. If PARAM-O was at that level then it would be amazing! The reality is that it is not, and I can't see GS bothering to update/develope it anytime soon.

Don't forget this webinar tomorrow ...


I don't think it will be very detailed with only 10 minutes dedicated to Param-o but who knows.

There is always the Q & A.


Also open the above webinar notice and you will see a link to a free training course on the Learn portal for Param-o.

I haven't tried it yet so can't say what it is like.



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