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Editable 'Element Information'

a la Vectorworks, etc...

would be nice to be able to edit the information, (length, angle, etc.), in the "Element Information" floating palette and that element change as appropriate.

it shouldn't be too hard for a database driven system? (interactive scheduler and all that...)

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Geoff Briggs
I'd say the x,y editing should just be added to the info box. You'd also need a mechanism to choose the fixed point.

Another great feature VW has is the ability to calculate directly in all numeric data fields. So you can select a wall, immediately see how long it is and then just go + <yournumberhere> to add to it's length. Same for height, angle, position, etc.
Geoff Briggs
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Yes, you read that correctly, we are in the US but use the INT version.

Dave Jochum
That is a good method in VW--one of a very few, IMHO, but I agree it would be very useful in AC.
Dave Jochum

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I have been pushing something like this for years. What I see is an INFO TEMPLATE for the sole use of creating schedules. It would be a floating palette that is designed by the user. INSTEAD of attaching property objects to elements in archiCAD, you could attach this INFO / PROPERTY template.

So... If you wanted a door schedule, you would attach a DOOR INFO TEMPLATE to each door (could be Auto-Attached by criteria as the property objects are now.). Certain info would be EXTRACTED by the template like HT, Width etc. Some would merely be TYPE in like Manufacturer, U-value etc.

This would mean that I would not have to pull my hair out each time I use a new door that DOESN'T have the proper parameters for my scheduling.

Anyway, you get the idea.

Anyone ready to jump on board?
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