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Editable Palettes

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I always find I am running out of screen space and even though it is easy to change the screen res. it would be nicer to be able to have a dialogue box where we can choose our "favourites" and have them always on the screen and get rid of anything with keyboard short cuts or ones that we don't even use.

I know this may sound silly but I can't see how every user can use every tool spread around the edges of our screens.

David Pacifico
Hello Duckett

In 8.1 have you tried:
1. Making a favorites list. Then
2. Options/Customize/Keyboard Shortcuts/Actions
and setting a keyboard shortcut for "Full Screen" and Full Screen and Hide all Pallets?
On Windows there is an icon on the top tool bar for the same.
David Pacifico, RA
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Yes I know about that thanks but what I want is something where we can choose what is in our tool bar eg only cursor, wall and roof. Then all the rest disappear. Practically the same as how we can alter the top bar, with open cut paste redraw etc. But with tools not actions.

Also about that David is that it gets rid of everything.

Thanks anyway

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You can semi-permanently get rid of SOME of your icons, if you never use them by renaming the add-on. For example, if you never use the skylight icon rename the SkyLight.apx to something like SkyLight.apx.off.

Check out the pic.

As an added benefit. The library loading is a tad faster. I noticed that at work turning the skylight and corner window icons off sped up my library loading by about 30 seconds. (The corner window apx was freezing the library loading process.)

When you need the skylight object, just rename the apx back.

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It is a shame it doesn't work with stair maker, won't mind turning the picture one and camera off too.

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