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Element attributes with tabs

This request is regarding Options -> Element Attributes

My wish is simple, I would like "Fills" - "Surface" - "Building Materials" - "Composites" to be always available in tabs at the top if you open of the dialog for any of these. This would be very useful as one is often flipping between these options when creating new composites.

Here is an example where this would be useful. Im making a new duplicate of a composite, I open up composite, I duplicate my existing composite, I want to then duplicate an existing "Building Material". Then I could simply click the "Building Material" tab at the top, create the building material, click back to the "Composite" tab, inster my new material. Oops, I want that new building material to have a completely new unexisting surface, maybe a duplicate of existing ones. Then I could click the corresponding tabs at the top, create the surface and fill duplicates, go back to Building Material and insert them there....ETC.

This would make the process of editing composites much more faster. I ask for these 4 options to begin with, but maybe someone here would find it useful to have others as well. These 4 would be enough for me.

This tab functionality is already built into Attribute Manager, but it is not intended for editing attributes, but to transfer/import/export. But the UI of the tabs in Attribute Manager is a good example.

Hope you find my idea worth while, it would be great to see it in a future release of Archicad. As an architect this is at the top of my list of things that would speed up my workflow.

Kind Regards,

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