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Fast 2D drafting

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It's quite important for a program to be flexible and fast in 2D, as we know that some elements are better to be only presented in 2D only.
So, this wish is about better and faster snaps, command line - simillar to other programs, and faster appearance of reference lines.

I don't see things as being slow related to snaps. I don't have to wait for the circle to show up at a snap point. The cursor icon changes to a check mark or a solid pencil. Also you can type Q to get a snap point to highlight quicker. However, the rubber band references could be a bit quicker to display once a snap is highlighted. Finding the midpoint between two highlighted snap points is a waiting game.

I do have lots of trouble getting a tracking point option to work (not sure it is even possible in all commands). What I mean by tracking point is placing the start point of something at an offset location relative to an already drawn location such as a corner, endpoint, center point... I almost always have to place the object or draw the line and then move it (multiple steps) or draw construction lines place the object or drawn wanted line-work then erase the construction lines. In AutoCAD, during any drafting command, I could type (command line) TK to get a tracking function so I rarely needed construction lines. I know there are guideline options, but you still end up with a bunch of them which at some point need to be removed, granted there is one commend to remove them, but it takes extra clicking to do it.

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