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Figure [Image] display speed and manuipulation

Paul King
Can we please have much, much, MUCH faster display of raster images dropped in to plans.

Images are often needed as backdrops for tracing in non-cad data (old Architectural drawings etc)

A high resolution tiff positivity cripples ArchiCAD performance in a way that does not apply to same image dropped in to other applications. Not only panning & zooming are slow, but every editing operation is acutely painful even when no navigation involved. (a pause of around 6 seconds after every mouse click on fast machine is normal)

Raster images after all do not need to interact with CAD 3D database, so should not cause such a huge performance hit

Can we also have an image de-skew option - typically when an image is scanned in and rotated for tracing purposes, it become & Reference tools slightly skewed - so there needs to be a method of correcting. Amount of de-skewing needed could be determined by tracing lines along known square edges of raster object

Can we also have images visible via the Trace & Reference Tool - images are usually placed in plan for tracing purposes anyway, and toggling display this way would simplify management of slowdown issue while image not being used
ArchiCAD 8-26
Octane Render Plugin for ArchiCAD
Twinmotion 2022
Windoze 11
Intel Core i9 10900K
Nvidia Gforce RTX 3080
32 Gb DDR3
2x4K 42" monitor extended desktop

I'll go along with that! Please!
Tom Waltz

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