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Geometry Conversion for IFC Export


Hi everyone,


In several OpenBIM workflows with the IFC2x3 and IFC4 schema I have encountered the problem of the subdivision of Composite and Complex elements and with their parameters (Attributes and Properties) according to their IFC classification. An example is with the wall (IcWall) with several layers, which with the subdivision option its parts are exported as IfcBuildingElementPart.




The problem I see is that it is not possible to transform it to an IfcCovering in order to generate quantifications in Solibri. I believe that a new option can be achieved for translators and that the Parameters are classified from the Construction Material plus the Surfaces, and from these already transformed to IfcCovering, more specific Parameters such as the paint color of the inner layer can come out and another color for the finish of the outer layer, from the Pset_CoveringCommon with the PropertyName "Finish". And thus avoid double jobs if the client specifies a geometry level and the separation of these entities from both IfcWall and IfcCovering.

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