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Geometry methods for level dimension tool, and Text tool

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I noticed that there is not geometry method for level dimension and text.
wouldn't be easier to define rotation directly by geometry method instead of defining the rotation angle in the info box?

I will give an example you need to put levels on contours on mesh. there is a nice marker type in level dimension object that is ideal for that. see picture below.
If you use opaque background and no frame, you get the reading of the level on the contour and also you are creating the desired break in the continuity of the contour line, as it is the common practice in showing the contour levels on maps or site drawings.
The fact though that we cannot give the direction of the level dimension text, makes the whole process cumbersome. instead of click and define direction, I have to click to create dimension and the edit rotation. many clicks for no reason.


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I hope this image helps more.
0.00 values are because there is no mesh in the certain drawing, so the level dimenion reads the groundfloor level. But I think it still explains well what I'm asking for.


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