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Grouping to make an instance (component).

Now Grouping is only for helping to hold object together, and for easy selecting. But it would be magic if Grouping to be able to create an instance! Like Components in Sketchup or instances in 3d max. So, if i model something by morph, copies of it can be modified by edit only one of them! Not for only morph. For any objects, that can be grouped.

Barry Kelly
Have you explored saving elements as a Module?


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All we need is that wish for in model editing of modules to be implemented! We can always hope...

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Barry wrote:
Have you explored saving elements as a Module?

Of course! But the fastest way to do it: 1. create model of necessary objects by morph or other 2. Store the original morph somewhere in the project 3. Save morphs and any other as GDL 4. Use any quantity of copies of this GDL object. 4. Edit the origin morph 5. Save edited morph as GDL (rewrite with same name). But, i think you understand how many limitations has this method. And MODULE has even more limitations. Unlike other architecture programs Archicad is on the way to make working process maximally free, intuitive and flexible. So in this way i say about block (like in AutoCAD), component/dynamic component (in Sketchup), instance (in 3d MAX). MODULE in the end, with edit-in-place function to reduce annoying extra actions. MORPH with instances ability. Or....just...Group command works like BLOCK in AutoCAD....

An instance / module / component manager and editing window similar to the detailing / worksheet windows where you could use all tools (3D and 2d) to create an object/ a room/ an apartment etc would be ideal.
Such a tool would simplify file management for projects in a similar way to when Plotmker was incorporated into ArchiCad. This tool would also likely meet the object creation needs of most users and not require them to delve into GDL.

Scott Boyd-Turner
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Would be nice if saved Morph as GDL would be possible to edit in Library Part Editor directly - as it's possible to edit GDL script. In today's ArchiCAD you can create Morph, save it as a library part and place it as many time as you want, but routine is starting when you want to modify it: or you need to keep your initial morph somewhere on the plan (let say in special hidden layer). If the initial morph has been deleted - then it's necessary to convert the object to morph and re-save. If GDL object had drawn 2D symbol - you will need to draw it again after morph was re-saved. Everyone can agree with me - this routine is not so quick and simple as editing instance in Sketchup.

it would be better if there are features such as making components (in sketchup) this is certainly very helpful and speed up work. I hope that this feature will be as soon as possible, considering that the revit software also seems to have this feature already.

There have been numerous requests to GS to provide this going back SEVENTEEN YEARS!!! We live in hope...
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DGSketcher wrote:
There have been numerous requests to GS to provide this going back SEVENTEEN YEARS!!! We live in hope...

Totally agree with that...I have asked this feature in 2006 I think...the answer by some fans of the program was "this is Archicad" after fourteen years now you see other famous bim program(s) and have this very basic understanding. It is critical however it is not seen by developers. I don't know why?

Olivier Gras
Any progress on that?
It is indeed essentiel.
You could keep the princip of modules if that is easier to implement, the important thing is that you can "edit in place".
You want to change things in this modules in the context where they are placed, not in a remote place.
We could enter this mode in any placed instance of the module and everything else is greyed out, then you make your changes and when you finish editing the module is saved with the changes.
(To be clear: that is not possible now, you have to make the changes to the module in its original placement. If you would explode it somewhere else to make changes and save it over all the instances will be messed up)
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Not holding my breath until it appears. As modules are a legacy elements it wouldn't surprise me if GS resources are pointed at the well documented problem of attribute management. Maybe modules will become more usable as a consequence. I do think the need for external .mod files is a little archaic for smaller limited use assemblies. They make sense for bigger projects when repeating whole rooms or even floors but for things like complex stairs or bespoke objects or assemblies in-place modules is the ideal solution.. Only GS knows their road map but I agree the ability to edit modules in-place should have been instigated many years ago.
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Very essential need. I don't understand why developers are still insisting not to put it on the software. This is a very basic need and other competitors all have this feature. I have written it as a wish in the year 2008. Now 13 years later still it is not implemented. So, as a user and tutor of the program in our university class, if they insist on not implementing user preferences, we can change our software choice of course...

Yagmur wrote:
So, as a user and tutor of the program in our university class, if they insist on not implementing user preferences, we can change our software choice of course...
You can, and the closer the other softwares get to delivering what people need the more users will be tempted to look elsewhere.
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Year 2021 still there is no option like this!

The developer team is sleeping...

I have the same issue, did you ever resolve this?

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This is an essential feature - being able to define a configuration of elements as a block/aggregate that can have multiple instances in the model/file. The functionality is similar to that of hotlink modules but blocks should primarily be seen as content internal to the model. Whereas hotlink modules can work on a larger scale e.g. differentiation between site and buildings, between different buildings and between different building volumes. Blocks would facilitate a fast and reliable workflow for repetition on a smaller scale within the model e.g. repetition of stories within a building volume, repetition of units within a story and repetition of bathroom/kitchen configuration over units.

It should be able to edit the block in-model and thus redefine the block and update all instances.

Changes to the definition of element types (not implemented feature) used in the block should redefine the block. (for element types see: https://archicad-talk.graphisoft.com/viewtopic.php?p=330207#p330207)

It should allow for nesting of blocks within blocks.

It should come with a manager. Be able to count and select all instances of a block. Be able to see the relationship between nested blocks. Be able to insert blocks to model as an instance or as individual elements or as grouped individual elements.

Edit: Isn't this topic better placed in either User Interface Wishes or Construction Wishes?

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
thesleepofreason wrote:
Edit: Isn't this topic better placed in either User Interface Wishes or Construction Wishes?

You are right, I have moved this topic to the "Construction Wishes" forum.
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Add a feature to name groups and an option to select by group names in the hotlink source file settings and you'd have this feature. It should be fairly easy to implement.

We often add a subterranean story and hotlink it to do this but that's a lousy workaround I'd have to say.
Kei Mito
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We already have the option to make groups with named Selection Sets, what we don't have is the basic, most fundamental, essential, necessary tool common to all computer processes... The ability to collect elements together and have the ability to change their content and know all the other copies have also upgraded. Yes we have Modules but they aren't user friendly or suited to smaller assemblies. And for those more familiar with Autobad, it's like trying to do everything with Wblocks.
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