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Hotspot-like editing of boolean/discrete parameters

Sam Karli
The idea is as follows:

with hotspots, one can edit length/angle type parameters easily, in-situ, within the context. If these hotspots are not available, You have to open UI, which means You fall out of the workflow and have to check through the pages of UI to find the parameter to edit. (Plus You loss the ability to draft the dimensions.)

But for Boolean type parameters this is not available, and for discrete valued parameters also not (I mean for parameters selecting out of, say, 5 possible values).

I've seen some realizations of manually-drawn selectors that are problematic to switch (basically one has to stretch them), need work to code them, and, in some cases, are printed out if not switched off for printing.

I think it would be a great help for GDL-coders to have hotspot-like switches for nonlinear parameters as well.
GDL/Python dev

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