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How about an expiration date for BIMx files?

Karl Ottenstein
Wouldn't it be useful to be able to (optionally) embed an expiration date within a BIMx file that is honored by the viewer apps?

In cases where one sends various model revisions to a client, it would be one way to assure that that are looking at the current version and not an old version (for those clients who might be organizationally challenged). Or, a way to share a preliminary design with a community... that you don't want to live on forever on the internet. 😉
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Karl Ottenstein
laszlonagy wrote:
Hi Karl,
Didn't you want this to be a Wish?
I would vote on it. It sound like a good wish also from an Intellectual Property protection viewpoint.
Not sure where/how I posted this originally... thought I had posted it in a wish forum, but I guess not.

Voting is now open. 😉
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Stress Co_
Roll the Mission Impossible Music... "this BIMx file will self destruct in 5 seconds".

Wish I could do it to PDF files too.
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