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How to convert Archicad "tabs" into separate windows, which can align side by side

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Hello. I have a problem while I am making a terrain (using so-called "3d-mesh"). I use "magic wand" to convert 2d into 3d lines on the terrain. but automatically all those lines are in wrong Z (vertical) locations.

So I have to go to 3d-view and see where are those lines are. So if line is in wrong z location, I select it. But I can't change its Z/vertical location in 3d! So please, add this feature! I was looking for allowing adding hotkeys or buttons on buttons-bar, but this command to change vertical positions of dots in 3d-mesh (terrain) is not available. please add this, at least.

Also, still it is a good idea to show two windows side by side. In very same archicad window. Not to connect second display and show it there. though,. it is a good idea as well... but for as it doesn't work this way - I have to open another archicad near me on other pc. on one pc - I see plan in 2d, and in other archicad, pc - i see 3d view. But what I need: when I click on some 3d object, line a line on 3d-mesh (terrain), I should be able to select same object, 3d line of terrain - also in 2d-view. please!

thus, i should be able to if that is on wrong vertical position, and quiclkly fix z coordinate.

Technically, I am doing programming. so I hope it is not hard to fix this even in next update/bugfix for Archicad-22

P.S. May all Gods of all universes of all religions give you all enough mind/intellect to make you a best software product for architecture, which features all wishes of all users, even if they don't them on this support forum 😉

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That would go for lots of things. Like having schedule and Model/Plan side by side.

I'm not sure why but AC is like this from the beginning. Which is quite weird if you look across other modeling tools. I might have some reason when computers where slower so you just handle display of one window. But nowadays that shouldn't be a problem.

"3d-mesh"? The Mesh Tool? Using the magic wand on polylines will just project contours onto the selected mesh below. In 2D, you can then select one of the nodes created, and use the Elevate Mesh Point command checking the Apply to all checkbox to elevate that entire contour to the desired height.

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