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How to make a wish

Karl Ottenstein
Repeating, with edits, Djordje's original announcement from 2003 on making wishes in the various wish forums here:

Dear all,

PLEASE post each of your clear, well documented and explained wishes into one of the various Wish forums. A poll will be automatically created. Do NOT edit the poll in any way (changing words/etc).

The poll will grade your wish and also be a measure of how desirable the feature you want is to the others.

When wishing, PLEASE:

- first check whether there is already a wish of similar nature that can be built upon


Alternatively, if you do have a comprehensive 100 wishes list as some do that is quite a different matter
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Erika Epstein
And vote in your own poll (yes I've been caught out at this too)
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Not applicable
Alternatively, if you do have a comprehensive 100 wishes list as some do that is quite a different matter
What do you do if you have a list of 100 wishes?

The main problem is that from 2003 this forum is the tool for making wishes.
And actually it hasn't been a good tool from the very first time.
And the internet changed a lot in the past 6 years; several good forms of communication has arisen.
There are better ways to manage these kind of wishes, user feedbacks.
  • -uservoice: there's an incomprehensible restriction of 10 votes, but uservoice is maybe the smartest and easiest way to collect and discuss the users' suggestions. Its starting with a combined text-box, wich is a search box for the previous suggestions, and if there is no matching suggestion it converts automatically to an input field for new suggestion.
    -google's appspot appgallery: google provides easy tools to create webapps, like e.g. Google Product Ideas
    -And a better wiki (than archicadwiki) would be a proper place to organise these kind of wishes. Because, now the archicadwiki is so confused; actually I'm not a lamer to web services, but I don't know, how to use the archicadwiki. I think threre are missing some important wiki features. And the lack of these features causes that archicadwiki is not a community page. Like the wikimedia or other wiki sites, which have proven, easy-to-use user interfaces, with good community features (e.g.: watchlists, user pages, talk pages, navigation features, easy editing functions)
So, I think it is the time to change into some web2.0 services in graphisoft('s web presence).
And not because of the need of glittering new design, but for the better user support.

What are my problems with this forum?

[Edited by moderator - the rest of this post (complete post actually) has been moved to the Forum Related Issues forum, where such discussion belongs. The forums here are indeed threaded. Please do not post unrelated topics to the same thread - start a new thread in the proper forum. Thx.]
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