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Improve the Help Index

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My request is that the Help file Index be rethought with complete novices in mind. Also cross reference the Help resources, use more pointers in standard AC help to the reference guide and getting started guide. Novices need the extra hand holding.

So - get verbose! Adding layman's terms to the index is a must. As it is the glossary follows the command structure of AC, only helpful if you already know what command you need help with.

Try this: use the help index or the search box to find "AC-10 files" or "open AC-10 in AC-12". Its a Catch-22: You already have to know that migrate is the proper search term to get help when the layman/novice would ask something like "How do I open a 10 file in 12?".

Yes, I know we should be educated in the basics of AC. I came from the flatCAD world and learned AC-12 all by my little self , I had an acute need for a robust help system. When I worked in an office it was a breeze to learn new stuff; resources and expertise galore.

That concludes our test of the emergency broadcast system for tonight.

Thank you,

Erika Epstein
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"Implementing Successful Building Information Modeling"

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In situations like this even resorting to the search feature on these forums won't help if you don't know the term to search for!

Maybe we should have a new 'What's It Called' section of the forums where people could ask for clarification on what things are called (duh!) so they can then search for the answer themselves. If they need detailed info or further techniques they could then post in the other forums.

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Usually the moderators or active forum members will step in and direct the hapless in the right direction. The forums have saved mon deriere many times. Reading the forum in "browser" mode has led me to ideas, tips and techniques that I wouldn't have even thought to ask.

Still, I think some further organization, whether my request, a meta-index, or some better idea is worth looking into.

PS I voted importantisimo maximo (#6)!

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