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Incorporating Archilumos into ArchiCAD 9.x or ArchiCAD X

I know that this topic has been thrashed out almost ad nauseam, although never quite directly as a wish. Some one had previously made a wish for Graphisoft to buy Lightscape, which for obvious reasons is not possible ( Autodesk bought them out and essentially killed it to curtail competition to VIZ and Revit). However, the lack of a direct translation plugin or addon (would be better if it were builtin though) for rendering purposes with radiosity and raytracing capabilities in ArchiCAD has long been the bane of many ArchiCAD users. Hence the excitement and interest in something like ArchiLumos which unfortuntely now only seems to be available very far east or North ( i.e Japan or Sweden) and is kept very secret like some kind of a bastard child, despite its seeming superiority to Artlantis ( sorry Abvent.... hey, maybe its all a diabolical Abvent plan!!)

But the whole point is, with such a powerful tool in their hands and such a glaring hole(rendering/radiosity/presentation) in their ArchiCAD BIM portfolio, why not just incorporate ArchiLumos into the next version of ArchiCAD to complete the package and essentially make it the most powerful and complete BIM package out there. I know I would never have to use any other software or accessory for my rendering purposes as I now have to export my models to lightscape or VIZ for rendering.

Just a wish.

For those of you who don't know, ArchiLumos is this really amazing addon available only in Japan and Sweden that has the Shade (Japanese answer to 3D Max) engine built into it and allows amazing renderings directly from ArchiCAD models (no exporting needed) with radiosity and raytracing capabilities.

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I think that archicad is a program, very weak when it stands alone but very powerful when using with other software. One day archicad will be a complete archi program with powerful modeling, rendering etc, but for now it is just a archicad.....

I meet a lot of people who ask me how i created some models, drawing etc and they say ooooooo thats good program i must learn it, can u show me how u did that and then i say that all stuff what is interesting i didn't create in archicad, i created in zoom gdl, architerra, autocad, 3d studio, architiles etc................

When we take a look at archicad 6.5 and archicad 8.1 i can def. say archicad is much, much better but still it is not good as it should be.

Who knows, artlantis is preparing ver 5 which will be out in next 2-4 motnhs and it will have radiosity there. Maybe it will be answer to the archilumos maybe not but we must be happy if we can choose in which application to work with archicad and thats the power of archicad.

I can say only that archicad is revolution and it will be better and better

archicad 8.1 and all possibe addons for it...........

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Bricklyne Clarence YOU ARE RIGHT Built-in is better for the next step V9
I personally want to include a full Art*lantis 5 into archicad - this is my dream.
NeckoFromSarajevo said that we have to bee pacient about this archicad
ability and evolution ,and to use other professional solutions for specific purposes. but even for 2d elevation the archicad ability to build clean elevations by unifying surfaces need manual improvements and a very clean 3d model.

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"NeckoFromSarajevo" wrote:

Who knows, artlantis is preparing ver 5 which will be out in next 2-4 motnhs and it will have radiosity there.
I heard that artlantis V5 wont be out until till another 6-7 months
hopefully version 9 of ArchiCAD will be out about that time also .

It will be good to compare them then, and see what they are both offering.

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