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Interactive hotspots in all GSM subtypes

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I assume this is already in the works. But just in case it isn't, I would REALLY like to have the new (user interactive) hotspots available all GDL object subtypes. I don't know which types they are presently resticted to (anybody have a list?) but I was dismayed to find that they don't work in section and detail markers.

There are several things I would like to do in my custom markers that would be very easy with this feature; such as repositioning the elevation marker without changing the length or position of the elevation itself.

BTW: Has anyone tried using the hotspots in doors and windows? It would be nice to be able to adjust the swing of a door in plan without having to open a dialog and type an angle.


having just read the post about moving section/elevation markers (http://archicad-talk.graphisoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=1257&highlight=) i agree that this would be a handy implementation.

i would also like an elevation marker to be able to be replicated along the 'cut' line too. some of our plans are too big to show at 1:100 on an A0 sheet. we end up redrawing the elevation markers so that it shows on each of the layouts that the line runs through.

to answer your question about using the hotspots in doors, etc., see attached screenshot. the door opening angle can be adjusted on plan quite easily, but as you can see, a double swing door is currently coded to swing both leafs at once!

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James Murray

Here's another one that's added days to my life. Moving the ID symbol. (I'm still using symbols within the door rather than a door marker object.) (Apologies for the non-NCS shape.) You need two groups of hotspots to move it in X&Y.
James Murray
Rill Architects • macOS • OnLand.info

James Murray

Are you still using a separate object to show sections in plan? We are, and I too was very disappointed when I began to investigate scripting a real one.

I want (need?) the option of showing an idealized section marker, independent of the actual backs and forths of the cut. I also like uniform extents for the symbols, while the real cuts should be no longer than necessary.

I thought I would write a marker that showed the true cut in a non-print pen, and a pretty symbol which would be stretchable like our current regular object.

Good luck. Not only do editable hotspots not work, NO hotspots work! This subtype has a long way to go. I've shelved it until 9 at the earliest.

This the only subtype I've noticed is hobbled this way.
James Murray
Rill Architects • macOS • OnLand.info

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I have been trying to make do with the limitations of the custom section marker capabilities.

So far it's been OK. I make the sections as long as they need to be graphically even though they are some times a bit long in the actual section (i.e. vertical sections laid up two across the sheet). Since I mask them to the proper size anyway it's not too much trouble.

Of course I still have to use the old library parts for the transecting views in the sections.

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