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Interior views - unwinding of the walls

Interior views - unwinding of the walls - Sorry Graphisoft, but Your solution is a "real missing of the target".

Why don't You use the contours from the roomstamp-tool where all necessary information would be available and built it from there as a real "unwinding - drawing"?

So, there are not only rectangular rooms, even rounded walls could be displayed "ok" with my methode-suggestion.

Dont argue! Just make it so!

Also the existing section-tool should be extended, so that unwinding-drawings are possible with it - then perhaps without a cutting depth..
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The lack of proper unfolding is a real bummer.
Especially when working in existing conditions, where round or elliptical walls are very common.

(Revit also misses this ability, but one could help with dynamo there. Would be a great chance to gain some advantage, GS!)
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