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Is it important that the ArchiCAD sounds get fixed in AC 12?

Karl Ottenstein
In this thread:

it was brought up that with version 12, there are no standard ArchiCAD sounds on the Macintosh platform (PPC or Intel). Things were fine until 12, and things are fine even in 12 for Windows users.

Instead of a 'honk' (e.g.) for audio feedback when clicking the eyedropper on something, Mac users hear the system error klunk/thunk. In fact, that is the only sound heard within ArchiCAD for anything - drawing rebuilding, etc.


GS has said that sounds will definitely be back to normal in the next release (summer 2009). How important is it to you that GS fix this issue in a hotfix to 12 so that you do not have to wait until then? Depending on the vote, it may make it to a hotfix.

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Thomas Holm
I did vote important, not because I need these sounds, but because I think it's an identity/image thing for Archicad, a nice part of a legacy heritage that sets this program apart. Thinking this way, I can't see why Graphisoft would even consider not fixing this issue!
AC4.1-AC24SWE-25INT; OSX11.5; MP5,1+MBP16,1

Not applicable
I really need these sounds. My eyesight is getting worse, and the sounds let me know that I have actually done something, without having to focus closely on the little icons. Also being a bit ADD, the sound is like a dope slap to remind me that I am making progress. Particularly when I am eye droppering up element attributes, the sound tells me I got the goods, without actually having to focus on the minute change in the icon. Please bring them back and give purpose to the enable sounds button in the Work Environment submenu. It would really be very very helpful to me. My wish is not for bigger icons BTW.

After sleepless nights with our small children, the sounds also help keep me awake. Bill Roslansky

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