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It shouldn't be possible to update drawings that are locked


Currently it's not possible to prevent drawings (i.e. on layouts) from inadvertently being updated if the intention is to "lock in" a specific state. It would be a nice feature to be able to "lock" drawings on layouts and prevent them from being updated.


Some ways this could be done:

- Prevent drawings on locked layers from being able to be updated if set to manual update (might be undesireable to use layers though in layouts)

- Prevent drawings that are locked individually from being able to be updated if set to to manual update

- Allow for a new setting within the drawing "do not update" as an alternative to Auto & Manual update


Gerry Leonor

if you never want drawings to be updated you can always Break Link & have it embedded into the layouts. it takes a few clicks to look for using the Drawing Manager, but i think that's intentional to prevent people from accidentally Breaking Links of drawings they didn't want to.


i do this often when i want to check updated Door / Window Schedules between revisions. i have the up to date ones on the drawing, & a copy of the older one to the side (away from the printable space) with red pens, & Embedded. i do this because you cant use Trace Reference with Schedules, so there is no way for me to quickly find out which part of the Schedules got updated.

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