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Keep New Object within loaded Library

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I am eternally frustrated by the fact that when you create a new object (very often a stair) and save it in an active loaded library (usually a job specific Library folder) ArchiCAD sees this new object as an object outside of the loaded libraries and then adds it to the list of "Other Objects" in the library manager.

I find it a problem firstly because of the unneatness of it - in that it then becomes like loading an object twice - but far more annoying is the fact that after this has been done and you flick to a different project file that normally would have identical libraries, ArchiCAD now thinks you have different libraries and needs to reload the whole lot........ waiting....... waiting....... waiting.......

Of course you can remove the seperate object from the Active Libraries list, but this is also downtime waiting for a reload.

Does anyone else have a way they deal with this? I think when working on a large project with multiple PLN files or Modules all files need an identical list of loaded libraries to prevent having to wait for libraries to reload.

Could we please have ArchiCAD recognise the fact that the object you have just created is part of an active loaded library and NOT add it seperately to the "Other Objects".

I completely agree that this is a frustrating process and also would like to have new objects immediately recognized without the messy and slow reloading process.

I believe that things are the way they are because of a complex checking process assessing each object and its database relationships that protects model integrity.

While I am sure that Graphisoft could turn off this checking process, it would be risky, not that even with all this verification I haven't had object ID errors that substitute tea tables for tea pots.
Dwight Atkinson

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