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Layer Combinations - request a New button to "redefine with current window settings"

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Hi all

At the moment we can only redefine a layer combination (eg "Elevations") by selecting the required layers from a very long list of layers. This is tedious.

I like to select which layers are shown on my elevations by looking at the display window, and using the Quicklayers palette "show/hide layer" buttons. This is much easier than selecting from the list.

Having got the correct combination of layers to display, I would like to click a new button that would update my "Elevations" layer combination , telling it to "redefine with current window settings".

This would save a lot of time, and also prevent bad habits of "custom" layer combinations.

I would think this is quite easy to implement?


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Agree. Now it's counter intuitive. Espatialy that you need to first click proper combination.. otherwise you miss all changes...

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