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Layer combinations - layer groups


I will have a thing called layergroups. That's not a layercombination, that's a group of some layers. So if I turn on/off / locked a group, all layers in that group will have that status.

A layers should not needed to be in a group, and a layer should have the ability to be in more than 1 group.

Then I easily could make groups that for example turn on /off some xrefs, constructions and so on. This feature would make the daily designwork much more easy.

Tobias Gustafsson, Sweden
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit [SWE] - AC 16-19 [SWE] 20 [INT] (since 6.5) - Cinema 4d Visualize R17 - Maxwell Render 3.2

What distinguishes your idea from the existing methods of controlling layer visibility and locking?
Dwight Atkinson

If I use Layer Combinations, then I could have a layer combination for example "Turn all layers on". When I create a LC I have to setup every layers status for that combination. When I create a new layer I need to set that status in every combination (ok for that)

But, lets say I have a group of layers I often need to turn on / off, for example a constructionxref. I can't do it with the help of LC, because a LC set status of every single layer, not just a few of them.

I'm not sure how to explain in other way. Don't ask me why I work in this way, but in some project I don't have a choice and in almost everyone of those project this function would help me alot.
I'm not sitting in the sketchingpart of projects, I'm the man that builds BIM-models of sketchmodels most of my time (if there isn't any complex forms, then I'm working with sketches too) and connect architectures and constructions together and need to turn on / off layers alot when I build my models.
Tobias Gustafsson, Sweden
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit [SWE] - AC 16-19 [SWE] 20 [INT] (since 6.5) - Cinema 4d Visualize R17 - Maxwell Render 3.2

Who's voting not needed? We need this for layer organisation as much as anything. I disagree that layers need to be able to be in more than one group at once, but a simple folder style layer grouping system would be a revelation!

Something like this would also aid in organising next to layer combinations. It will also help with simplyfying the layer overview when there are a lot of layers. It makes a layer easier reachable. And it is also give user another method for organising. Where the prefered method or combination of methods can be used in line with office/project process.

A flat option/toggle layer representation might still be required.

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