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Layout Layer Overrides

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Sometimes there is just one layer that needs to be switched off and currently you need to make a new layer combination to do that. Maybe it would be usefull to have some sort of layer override system for special cases for each layout? or for each view? it could be an option inside the view settings

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So. Basically you are exchanging a Layer Combo to a "Layer Override", right?

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No it could be a simple override. You keep your layer combo but on top of that check an extra layer or two

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I don't think its a good idea. In the end we would just have another level of complexity over, Layers, Layer Combos, Renovation Filters, Partial Structure display...

Braza wrote:
I don't think its a good idea. In the end we would just have another level of complexity over, Layers, Layer Combos, Renovation Filters, Partial Structure display...
It's always a tradeoff between flexibility and stringency. But I agree with Braza.
On the other side: there is and was always the option of an individual style? You actually don't need a layer combo to save a view. Even tho it's recommended of course.

I can see why it would be a favorable thing to add, but I think it will just lead to confusion.
("This view is saved with this settings, but it looks different when placed in a layout, huh?" Massively error-prone!)
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Barry Kelly
I am in the 'No' camp.
You are basically asking for a variation of a layer combination - so just make a new layer combination.
Over-riding layers in a combination is what gives you the 'Custom' combination now - and that causes problems as you don't really know what you have set.


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my opinion is - Need.

User can input some special Layer script , example:

if Graphic Override is ( Script Name ) , then
Layers.Name.interval = False/True/1/0
end if

// ( Script Name ) is a GO type set by user customize n the caption.
example user script the GO for doing site plan or locality plan. ( GO.Combination is "Council Site PLAN 500" )
it will be like this

if GO.C = ("Council Site PLAN 500") , then
Layer.Furniture.visible = 0
Layer.Sofa.visible = 0
Layer.Partition Wall.visible = 0
end if

is a entire site but no need to see the "furniture" from "interior".

i mean Layer Override for this kind of NON-TOUCH d Layer setting but given more customization script.

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
I remember there were wishes for the ability of Graphic Overrides to be able to control the visibility of elements, so elements meeting the Override criteria could be hidden. That would achieve the same thing. But as of now, this feature is not implemented.
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