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Linked Favorites

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Hi, I think it would be nice to have what I call linked favorites, I mean, that every instance of an element placed in the project from a favorite will remain linked in settings to the favorite with the option of un-link of course, this way if we have, let say an element that is repeated several times in the project, we just have to go to the favorite and change the settings once, and all instances will be change. Imaging having to change a dimension style or a text style, just changing the favorite setting, or windows or doors, etc...

Now with the great Graphical favorites in AC 20 the favorites definitively are going to take more importance in our workflows, it will be nice also to have this option. It does not have to be exactly that way, but having this capability will be great.

Eduardo Rolon
For objects this can be done using "Find and Select" in the 3D window though this would simplify the procedure. This can be extremely useful for elements that exist only in specific views like text, labels and dimensions. In 20 GO's can also help with objects but it is limited on overriding fonts and specific characteristics within the 2D objects.
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Vectorworks 2022

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ejrolon wrote:
For objects this can be done using "Find and Select" in the 3D window though this would simplify the procedure. This can be extremely useful for elements that exist only in specific views like text, labels and dimensions. In 20 GO's can also help with objects but it is limited on overriding fonts and specific characteristics within the 2D objects.
Yeah Find and Select is my tool for choice, to do this, but as you said, this can simplified the whole process and speed up the workflow.

This would be great!!!
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David Shorter
I don't see how F&S can help because I don't know which instance of an element placement have used a particular 'Favourite' to set its properties.
This means that doing a QA check using the IS or some other means is not possible as the NAME of the favourite is not linked to the element.

I don't like the thought of direct linking of favourites properties to a placement and having a change in the favourite change all the linked element automatically.
This could result in changes to unseen elements.
This has the potential for errors.

I haven't voted, yet !!!
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Ok, so if we have linked (or associative) favorites:
1st of course you will have a simple way to know to which favorite an element is associated, let's say we have a door like this, then I select the door or hover over the mouse and I'll have the information of to which favorite is linked.
2nd in the favorites dialog by selecting a favorite you should be able to know how many instances of this favorites are placed in the project, where they are, and an option to select/show them in plan or 3d, depending. The same options should be available when you select an element linked to a favorite.

Have you seen how vectorworks manage the door styles?

About the potential errors, also having the favorites like they are now can lead to errors if the user is not aware of how to use them right. Actually I made this wish because I find that with this I'll save time and make less errors.

I see this wish as forming that missing link between dynamic and static objects. Essential vote for me. I hate spending time trying to find all those subtle differences between doors etc when they should be identical. Yes, ideally you would need some indicator of how many objects you will be changing but even without it the scope for error would be less than tracking down spurious settings in completely dynamic objects.

It would also encourage me to start using favourites properly...
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I can't see how Find and Select couldn't be used to manage elements - if you have assigned a property that is unique to a door type then you can use F&S to locate and edit them.

If this proposal worked across Hot linked modules and applied changes to elements within those, then I'd totally be sold..!

I don't know if this would be super useful, I'm all for increasing the automation of archicad, but couldn't you just use schedules to collate similar elements and mass edit them. It's pretty much what I do to audit/check a model.

When I saw the title I thought you were talking about a favourites file that is referenced almost like a library, so your favourites remain updated across all projects...
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Completly essentiel for managing large scale projects. Typification has to be simple, logical and immediate, as is it is not, actually there is no way at all to manage styles and types for elements.

Love to have a un-associate check box for variants but this should trigger a warning and a option to create a new associated favorite or just a element.

Zones, fills, surfaces, composites and loads of other attributes can be managed centrally, and WILL update globally but when you put it all together there is no way to keep that as a solid, no bs type. Really is beyond me.

Schedules are great for mass editing but also really not typification, again to dynamic.

Associative Favorites would be, together with a BIMcloud permission to lock them for good and schedule by name of favorite.

Tomek Piatek
This is a must and it's one of those features that make Revit stand out especially during initial design phases. Being able to update/replace elements from any view in the project is important too. It really bugs me that each view has it's own selection. I'm going off topic here a bit, but it's related, but when working on a 3D virtual model selecting an element in one view should show that same element selected in all other views. Automatically.

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Barry Kelly
I personally would not want linked (associated) favourites.
I don't want 15 versions of the same favourite in my list (I exaggerate but you get the picture I think).

To me linked favourites is exactly what modules do now.


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