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Mesh tool improvements


Most tools have received overhauls/improvements but the mesh tool has been somewhat unchanged in recent versions. Therefore, I'd like to suggest some quality-of-life improvements to the mesh tool, see below:


1.) New mesh types with a certain thickness relative to every point in the mesh rather than a thickness relative to the mesh's zero point. An option of defining a vertical or perpendicular thickness would be nice. A bit like the roof tool. See image below.MESHES_ProposedMeshTypes.jpg


2. Allow users to completely hide all ridges, including user-defined ridges as well as mesh contours (like elements cut along the sides of elevations/sections). Sometimes we do not want to see the contours of meshes if they're small in the floor plan view. Or we don't want to see elevation curves/user defined ridges of a particular mesh in the floor plan. See image below.



3. New options for Model View Options for the mesh tool. It would be nice to also be able to (in addition to above) to manage display of all meshes in a certain view, such as hiding user-defined ridges, edges, etc. Especially in section/elevation it's annoying to see horizontal lines of meshes that represent elevations which now we have to fake using 2d fills. New MVOs would eliminate this annoyance. See image below.


4. Another nice feature would be able to eliminate lines between adjacent meshes and even meshes+slabs with exactly the same elevation just like it's currently possible between adjacent slabs in MVO as in the image above.

5. Being able to define custom edges for meshes just like slabs (i.e. custom surface, etc.) including for holes inside meshes (not the opening tool). Would be nice to be able to define home story display as well as different line types (incl. hide in floor plan) for each individual edge.


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