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Minimal Space to be individually shown

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Minimal space is a feature that in some cases can become a useful tool, not only during design phase, but also on final drawings. For example for disable bathrooms, where you need a minimal circulation space around door and fixtures. Why isn't it possible to show it exclusively on selected library parts? Currently either you show the minimal space on the whole project or you don't show it at all, anywhere. This shouldn't be a hard task to achieve being a feature already built into most library parts.

Barry Kelly
Every object that uses MVO settings should have the option to use the MVO settings or not.
This way it can be excluded from the MVO.

Then if the MVO feature is turned off you should still be able to manually turn on/off that setting in the object.

If the objects are not scripted this way then they should be (in my opinion).


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Not applicable
I agree with Barry. That's exactly my point. It's not a feature that should be hooked to the general MVO.

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