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Modify position of section/elevation marker



I would like to be able to change the position of the section/elevation marker independantly of the real location of the section/elevation.


I often need to put a second marker (a drawing or an independant marker) to display the cut position in plan because the real position often does'nt fit in my plan view.

I'm far for the only one with this problem, but we are all been used to workarounds...



I tried to code one myself (see below), but it is not accessible/possible with GDL: no hotspot display possible, no possibility to chose the end of the cutting line, etc...

Capture d’écran 2022-07-22 à 14.13.56.png



I've scripted one exactly like you want some time ago. Unless GS changed something in 25 or 26 it is absolutely possible, even with hotspts.

The secret lies in knowing that the GDL will be actually called twice. First time on the left, second time on the right (where it will receive the SYMB_MIRRORED property).

Good luck!

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