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Modify reference line of a mesh

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I would like the ability to modify the reference line of a mesh in the same way that wall and slab reference lines can be modified.

Sometimes I create a mesh and after adjusting the z-values of the nodes I realise that it's too thick. Adjusting the thickness of the mesh only changes the distance between the reference line and the base.

I've searched for a solution but can't find any. Is this something that is already possible?

My office is still using ArchiCAD 22 at the moment. I've looked at 24 to see if this feature has been added but can't see that it has.

Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Moderator
Graphisoft Moderator

Thank you very much for sharing your experience with the Mesh tool!

As of now, this is not yet possible. But I am happy to say this is an existing wish in our Wish List database (please refer to it as Wish #8220). Hopefully, our Product Management team will adopt this one in the future.

Thank you once again, and I wish you a great day!

Best regards,

Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer


I suppose this has become the wish entry, so just wanna bump this. I've worked on a large terrain and I want to add thickness, while the reference line adapts to the new bottom of the mesh. Now, the reference line stays where it is.


I don't know if there is any workaround at all?

If it doesn't absolutely need to be a mesh: drag a copy of your mesh to the side somewhere to preserve it (put it on a hidden layer) and convert the mesh to a morph and offset the bottom.


The reason I suggest you keep the original mesh is that morphs are not as easy to modify as meshes.

Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

ArchiCAD 9-24 NED FULL
Windows 10 Pro
Adobe Design Premium CS5

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