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More Object Display Options

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Each object the is capable of being displayed in the 3D window or in a section/elevation needs to have more display options.

At present the walls have an option that allows them to displayed as different color in elevation. Why not slabs? Why not roofs?

Why can't we have a third option for display color in the 3D window? I use a variety of colors on my floorplan so that I can ferret out things quickly. It looks awful in 3D.

To take it a step further, look at Autodesk's Inventor. In an elevation view of an object, you can click on each individual line of that object and change how it is displayed. Ie., on/off, dashed/continuous, thinner/thicker, etc.

There are situations when alot of time is wasted getting things to cleanup in elevation, when the are satisfactory in plan and other drawings. Would be so nice to just click the offending line and turn it off.


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