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More construction grid options


I would like to set two different grids. One that is the main construction grid, and then one finer grid with the same options and the same behavior as the constructions grid. Simply grid#1 and grid#2. 


Potential solutions:


  • An option to see the snap grid. Not the best option, but might be the easiest to implement (?)
  • Introducing a secondary (or multiple) grid. Having two or more of the current construction grid, where one can choose separate color schemes for each, as well as an auxiliary grid for each.
  • Infinite subdivision. Much like AutoCAD's solution, where you can infinitely zoom in and the grid will keep subdividing accordingly, depending on the zoom.


My current workaround is to create the grid manually with the line tool, and put it on a locked layer. This works ok, but it is frustrating that I keep selecting the grid. Therefore, another alternative could be the ability to choose whether or not a lock layer should be selectable.


Currently, I am simply not able to have two grids in the way I would like.



I would like to see a zoom sensitive grid that turns on / off according to line density. Personally I would like a main grid, aux / secondary grid and grid snap each with their own colours.


The ability to selected elements that are locked is one of my top hates, especially roofs that are cut by the Floor Cut Plane Settings but still get picked in preference to the exposed elements below. Same with Section & Elevations & their limit lines.  

Apple iMac macOS Monterey / AC26UKI (most recent builds)

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