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More control over eyedropper

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The eyedropper seems inconsistent in which parameter it transfers from one object to another. For me, it's never the right ones, e.g.

In fills, what I really want is the angle and scale (which I don't get)
In text, I want the size, the font, the colour, but not the angle (which I do get)
In furniture etc., I want everything except the angle.

But more importantly, in windows and doors, I would love it if I could duplicate all the attributes of a window or door except the overall dimensions and style.

Would it be possible to associate an optional list of options with the eye-dropper, so that it could be fine-tuned?

Karl Ottenstein
I agree. I'd like the eyedropper/syringe to have behavior similar to Apple's Aperture which upon picking up the attributes of one image, displays a list of all attributes and you can then clear checkmarks to decide ("lift metadata") which attributes to copy ("stamp") into other images.

So: more parameters and more control over which ones are injected by the syringe.

Pretty sure that there is already a wish about this, but I couldn't find it just now..

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