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Morph optimization or PROXY for complex assets

Not applicable
I'm not sure where to put this wish...

I wish morph elements work faster, generally.
Importing elements for interior design makes the model work really slow. For the moment I stick to assets no bigger than 20 000 polygons each but still after placing 20-30 of those (chairs, cars, floral etc) working on the projects slows quite much.
I do use the morph segmentation tool to simply models but its a painful path to work when it comes to dozens of models.

Maybe there is place for morph optimization or its time to make a new tool that can handle milion of polygons.....
maybe some sort of a proxy...

The closest thing to a proxy is saving morphs as library objects. The memory footprint will get smaller if you copy the new library items instead of morphs.
arch. ernest atanasiu

AC 10-26 INT/GER/FR on Win 10

I wouldn't narrow this to morphs: I'm thinking about "instanced groups" in a sense. Where you can put any kind of elements together, and just copy-paste them as you wish, but you retain parametric capabilities with a very light footprint.

This could be applied to larger scale workflows, reducing the need for hotlinking, with larger flexibility. | actively using: AC25-26 INT | Rhino7-WIP | macOS @ apple silicon / win10 x64

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