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Multi-Storey Zones

I would like Zone's to have the option to display across relevant floors - i.e as a multi-storey element.

To me a Zone is just an element defining a particular functional space in 3D. It performs other functions, but this is its primary purpose. If that space spans across say 3 levels i should not need to re-create it on each floor just to get it to show up in my plans .. should i? E.g gymnasiums, theatres, foyers ..

I'd also like to bump the vote for showing Zones in section ... only 3.5 years old now and still no love from Hungary.

Not sure why more people haven't voted for this - it seems like one of the most obvious oversights present in AC at the moment.

You can see them in the 3D window so they have a 3D 'definition' .. so it really can't be that hard to fix can it??

Owen Sharp

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you are right the zone tool is not developed to its really full potential and I think it could be used for massing and space description as it has capability of holding a container of highly customised as well as calculated information...
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Rob wrote:
... essential from me...
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