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I would like to see an editable accordain door such as a nana-wall available for archicad 10. I design high end homes that would include these types of wall systems.

Karl Ottenstein
This has been a serious omission from the library for some time, but perhaps there is one in one of the international libraries (anyone?)?

Offline, US users were given some assurance that a NanaWall-type door would be included in the AC 11 library. I just verified that it is still not there. These types of doors are popular in both residential and commercial applications, even if not the NanaWall brand itself:

And, yet the US library now has "Hinged Gate 11", something that almost nobody will use... Go figure.


PS Given your (obnoxious) userid, I would think you could just create such a door for us?
One of the forum moderators   •   AC 25 USA and earlier   •   MacOS 11.6.6, iMac Pro

over here we call them simply bifolds...
it's strange that there is a bifold door in the library but with very limited options. I have actually asked GS Hungary specifically for this 4-5 months ago...nothing has happened apparently.

anyway, this is a must. we use them a lot (at the moment customised)
I would suggest to extend existing bifold door to multi-leaf options and leaf arrangement.

Karl Ottenstein
Rob wrote:
over here we call them simply bifolds...
We call two panels that hinge in the middle and slide on a track a bifold, and have a lib part in the door lib for that. But, no n-fold (accordian) like the NanaWall.

One of the forum moderators   •   AC 25 USA and earlier   •   MacOS 11.6.6, iMac Pro

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