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New GDL Commands: Stretch Plane/Poly (StrchPlane/Poly?)

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I would like to see a new GDL command capable to stretch any GDL geometry.
Its syntax could be similar to Cutplane and Cutpoly commands, where you can define a plan/polygon and a direction vector that define the stretch dimension.
These commands would allow users to create static geometries from regular AC tools and make them parametrical with very low effort.

Sorry Braza, but I just can't figure out what you actually want.
If you want to stretch something, you can already do so with MUL.
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I mean: CutPlan command enables you to define a plan crossing any geometries (until CutEnd) and choose the side which will be cut, wright?

So. Instead of just cutting the geometries, I propose a stretch operation... Much like the Stretch command inside AC.
All the nodes involved on the operation would be moved maintaining the others still.

With this command, a user could i.e.: Create a door/window panel with 1x1m dimension using regular walls and slabs > Save it as a Custom Door/Window panel object > Open the object place two StretchPlan commands on the middle of the geometry and associate them to a length and width parameter.

Basically it would allow GDL to do what Stretch Modifiers do in the Profile Editor.
The StrchPoly variation is just a refinement of the command, allowing to create not a plan, but a poligon. Just like CutPoly command.
What do you think?

Ah, now it's much clearer! Thanks for the explanation, Braza!
A friend of mine build an object which is doing just exactly that. Soooo... it's kinda possible already, but yeah, it ain't "just one" command – on the other hand a lot of things are also rather verbose in GDL
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To create something line the Stretch Boundaries available for Complex Profiles? Maybe a dialogue when you create a GDL object from your model that allows you to define xyz stretch boundaries relative the the centre of the selected object?

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@ runxel

If someone has done it, it's a good sign.
I came up with this idea after seeing some limitations of the LPM (Library Part Maker) addon for creating "Stretchable/Parametric" doors/windows. This new commands would allow the creation of custom parametric objects with the "Save selection as Object/Door/Window" command. The user could define a morph plan and change its ID to something like "StrchPlan_MyNewParameter" and the command would convert the morph geometry to a GDL StrchPlan and add the parameter to the object (Similar to the WallNiche solution in custom windows).


A new GDL dialogue would also be great. Then, users would have a more "friendly" interface to refine it.
But always with a "Hard" command for complex GDL scripting.

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